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From computers to curveballs, cops to college tours, Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation programs cover all the bases for positive youth development. 

Almost six million children go from school to an empty home—leaving them vulnerable to criminal activity. Too many live in distressed neighborhoods rife with bad choices and short on role models. Our programs empower youth organizations to engage these at-risk young people when and where it matters most. 

In 2023, we were able to impact over 1.4 million kids through our programming.

Easy to implement and adapt, our character education and life skills  curricula—modeled after evidence-based practices—target the critical issues and challenges facing kids today, including healthier living, anti-bullying, and building strong relationships with law enforcement. 

By reinforcing life lessons through sports and other hands-on activities, our programs make learning fun—and make a lasting difference. 

All youth development  program materials are available for free in our Resource Portal. To learn more about how our programs can benefit youth in your community, please contact us at

“What you do today is practice for how you will live tomorrow.” 
- Cal Ripken, Sr.