The Ripken Foundation and Niagara Cares Team Up for Community Enhancement Project at Mojave High School

Dec 12, 2022

The Ripken Foundation has teamed up with Niagara Cares for a Community Enhancement Project in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the start of December, Ripken Foundation staff and Niagara Cares Volunteers gave Mojave High School some much needed upgrades. In the teachers' lounge and cafe, the walls were painted, a new serving station was constructed, graphics were installed, and new furniture was assembled. The weight room received some new equipment and was cleaned up and organize for more optimal use. The conference room received upgrades to the floor, new furniture, graphics, and freshly painted walls. Finally, the dance/movement space had a new floor installed, walls were painted, and new equipment was assembled. After all projects were finished and the space was clean and organized, Ripken Foundation staff held a student-athlete and teacher training in the renovated fitness space. Giving at-risk youth access to safe, welcoming facilities helps them stay active and puts them on the path toward healthy, successful futures.