Why are Bill Ripken, Joe Ehrmann, and Phillip Fullmer meeting in Colorado in July?

Jun 25, 2014

Bill answers this question and explains why you should join him and these other uncommon coaches:

Bill Ripken and the Uncommon Coaches Clinic from Rachel's Challenge on Vimeo.

Be an Uncommon Coach building Uncommon Athletes!  Join us in Castle Rock, Colorado, on July 17 - July 19.

In addition to unveiling our Uncommon Athlete program with Rachel’s Challenge, the Uncommon Coaches Clinic will be a chance to hear from professional coaches who truly understand what it takes to develop uncommon athletes, to network with other youth sports coaches and athletic directors who share the same goals, and to be reminded of why you spend so many hours planning and practicing and mentoring before you return home to your teams and players.  (And if you’d like to join us early for some golfing, it’s also a chance to work on your game with some new friends!)

Get all the details and register for this special three-day event at