Share your story to help kids choose their futures

Jul 01, 2015

Choosing the path that we want to take for our future can be difficult. There may be some obstacles or unexpected challenges that come in your way that may make you feel like quitting, but it is up to you whether you continue to strive for your goals. A strong work ethic and the decision of making positive choices gives us the ability to reach these goals that we set for ourselves. We can set both short and long-term goals that can help us accomplish our dreams. Through hard work, determination, and the drive to succeed, we all have the power to become successful contributors to society.

The most compelling examples are often the people around us.  Once upon a time, your life today was a future that you were choosing, shaped by all the many little decisions you have made along the way.  Share your own story to emphasize the importance of choosing our future and how we have struggled and worked towards our own goals to inspire and encourage your kids. We think it is significant for the kids to see a wide range of examples of the positive future that they are working hard towards. 

Here are some things you might talk about:

  • Your goals and how they’ve changed over time or as you gained different experiences
  • Different things you have tried
  • Choices you made
  • Challenges and how you overcame them (e.g. changing your strategy, seeking out mentors)

It is important for the kids to see how different choices lead to different paths and opportunities. It’s also important for kids to know that paths and goals can change – and that this is normal. By opening up about your own uncommon story, you are showing kids how they can choose their own futures.

This activity comes from the “Choosing Your Future” lesson in the Badges for Baseball Coaches Manual. For more ways to talk to kids about choosing their futures, you can also check out the following resources on our Materials page: