Leave Your Legacy

Nov 10, 2015

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”  - William Arthur Ward

After 41 years, first grade teacher Ms. Flexer of Cole Elementary School in Tennessee arrived on her last day of school to a full classroom.  You would think it would be like any other school day with students filling the desks, only it wasn’t.  Take a look and see… 

Former students of all ages gathered to celebrate Ms. Flexer, including students from the class she taught in her first year at Cole Elementary (1973-1974).  They shared the experiences they had in Ms. Flexer’s first grade class and how she has made an extraordinary influence on each of their lives in a unique way.

Ms. Flexer had such a great impact on her students is that she was able to celebrate each student for what makes them unique.  In doing so, she recognized each of them for the strengths they individually possessed.  In one instance, she celebrated one of her student’s ability to sing a song.  Ms. Flexer demonstrated how much she valued that particular student by having her go from class to class and sing for them too, which in return made her feel special.  Making her student feel special and valued is Ms. Flexer’s legacy.

What will be your legacy, your mark, when you leave?

Whether you are in your first year or tenth year of coaching, you have the ability to impact the youth you work with.  Choose to make every moment with your kids meaningful and remember that there is a purpose with every practice, every scrimmage, every game.  Maybe you do this by celebrating each individual for each practice, maybe you take the time out of your day to ask each kid how their day was.  You have the choice to influence the youth for the better.  Be sure you make it every day.