Learn from Failure: Today's Resilience Play of the Day

Nov 10, 2020

Often we can view failure as a setback. However, in today's Resilience Play of the Day from the Ripken Playbook, you’ll learn to view your mistakes as a steppingstone towards success. 

Activity Materials:

  • Two pieces of paper

  • Pencil or pen

  • Trash can


  1. First, at the top of your first paper, write down your definition of failure.

  2. Next, fold your second piece of paper in half vertically, creating two columns.

  3. Then, at the top of one piece of paper, write the words FAILURE.

  4. Below the word FAILURE, list five things you have failed to achieve.

  5. On the other column, write the word WISDOM across the top. Relating back to each of your failures, write one thing you learned from that experience. 

  6. For the final activity, tear your piece of paper along the vertical line so you now have 2 pieces of paper; one WISDOM and one FAILURE piece.

  7. You can now choose one of three options:

    1. Keep both your WISDOMS and FAILURES

      1. This option reminds you of your journey to achieve your goals and how far you have come to be successful.

    2. Throw away your WISDOMS but keep your FAILURES

    3. Throw away your FAILURES but keep your WISDOMS

      1. This option shows that you are looking at failure as a negative instead of a learning tool.

    4. Throw away your FAILURES but keep your WISDOMS

      1. This option allows you to move forward with a positive outlook on success.


  1. Which option did you pick?

  2. Why did you pick that option?

Are there any other instances in your life where you learned from a mistake or failure?

Share with us on social media what you learned through this discussion!

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