Friday’s Final Thought: Leading with Uncommon Empathy

Jul 31, 2015

Being an Uncommon Athlete is about the small choices you and I make every day.

Here is a story about a group of people, a crowd of spectators, who noticed a need.  People who looked past the surface differences and saw other people who wanted to play and compete but lacked the proper equipment.  

It didn’t start out as a big plan or with a lot of resources or with any type of official group or structure. 

Here is a story about one person who stood up and asked if anyone else wanted to help.  About another person who reached out to her own networks.  About another and another and another who stepped forward, who gave what they could, who organized, who reached out and rallied other people.  It’s the story of a chain reaction, as our friends at Rachel’s Challenge would put it, started by a few individuals who led with uncommon empathy.

No matter your position, no matter how small or humble an act might seem…here’s a story to remind us all of why we should do it anyway: Fans and Haiti’s Special Olympics Soccer Team