Fitness Movements: Push -- Today's Play of the Day

Apr 22, 2020

In today’s Fitness Play of the Day, we are going to build from what we learned in the Plank Fitness Movement Play of the Day, as we learn about today’s Fitness Movement: push. The push is found in many strength training exercises, but today we’re going to show you how it is used in a push-up and standing plank exercises. 

Check out this video to watch a demonstration today’s Fitness Play of the Day!

What You’ll Need

Let’s Start!

  • First watch the demonstration video above to learn how to properly perform a push-up and standing plank. 
  • Challenge yourself to perform a push-up and standing plank, each 10x. 
  • Too easy? See how many push-ups you can complete in 30-seconds!

Tell a friend what you learned and try incorporating these strength training exercises into your home workout routine!  

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