Fitness Movement - Pull Challenge: Today's Fitness Play of the Day

Apr 29, 2020

Last week you learned about the second Fitness Movement – the push – and how to incorporate it into your at-home exercise routine. This week, in today’s Fitness Play of the Day from the Ripken Playbook, we are going learn about its opposite: the pull. After mastering this third Fitness Movement, you will incorporate the pull into your workout through an at-home “rowing” exercise and then try your best at the Pull Challenge! 

Check out this video for a demonstration of today’s at-home Pull Challenge exercise!

Today’s Pull Challenge

After you watch today’s video demonstration, try performing the hip-hinge row with a bucket of water at home! Start out trying this exercise for 10 repetitions. Once you feel confident, challenge yourself! How long can you hold the water bucket in the row position? Grab a friend or family member and challenge them, too! 

For more information about this Fitness Play of the Day, visit our Healthy Choices, Healthy Children – Fitness edition. 

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