Fall is here…and so are College Days!

Sep 17, 2014

As our program team closed out the 2014 summer camp season, we quickly jumped into our fall season, which means events like our College Experience Days.

CRSF College Experience Day provide at-risk youth their first exposure to college life and all that it has to offer, including tours of campuses, listening to speakers (student athletes, teachers, coaches, admissions staff), and a chance to catch an athletic event. We held our first College Experience Day in 2011, and every year the number of events grows because it is such a life changing day for our youth.  We could not have these special days without the partnership of the colleges and universities, who help make the event such a wonderful experience.

Just last weekend, Brooke and I traveled up to Poughkeepsie, NY, to have an event with our partner United Water, at Marist College with our Badges for Baseball program in the area. Over 50 youth enjoyed a fun filled day that included playing Quickball with Marist’s baseball and softball teams, followed by the Marist football game. They also interacted with the student athletes and got to ask them questions regarding all aspects of college life including course load, clubs and extracurricular activities. 

The program team will be doing many more College Experience Days this fall, so please make sure to follow all of us on Twitter and see where we will be next: @Brooke_CRSF, @Scott_CRSF, @Travis_CRSF, @Flynn_CRSF, @Jeff_CRSF, and me - @Rosina_CRSF.

Check back next week to see how you can plan your own College Day!