#CRSFcamp: So much more than baseball

Aug 22, 2014

Can't believe this week's camp is over already!  Here are some of the highlights from the last couple days...

The Montgomery County Police Department brought vision impairment goggles and challenged campers to run a slalom of dot cones while wearing them.  Let's just say there's a high correlation between being able to see straight and being able to take more than 2 steps without falling...

And always a crowd favorite...

Each day brought us new champions:

And some powerful life lessons... (Watch a video of Ernie Graham sharing his story.)

And inspiring acts of kindness, from the story of Rachel Scott via our friends at Rachel's Challenge leading with empathy and showing people with ALS that they're not in this alone:

It has been another uncommon week of #CRSFcamp!

Next week is our LAST camp of the season, so come back next week for all the fun!