Celebrate the Individual: Mother’s Day Edition

May 06, 2016

Here are a few of the amazing mentors and program partners we work with, sharing what they learned from their moms, how she led by example, and how she has impacted their work with kids…

"My mother was a concert pianist and also founded and ran a chamber music nonprofit with my father, which they started the year I was born.  What I learned from my mother is that somehow it is possible to have an inspiring and demanding career, AND be unequivocally loving and available to your children.  She was the original exemplar of work/life balance. That, and she always strived for perfection!" - Katie Cubina, Senior Vice President, Mission Programs, Mystic Aquarium

“My mom taught us to treat everyone equally, with respect, which led me to always want to teach and pass along having fun. One way that my mom led by example is by working hard, and she made sure that our family was taken care of and all of our needs met and we always had fun. What I learned from my mom and use today is to be strong and positive with what life brings. My mom has gone through several battles with cancer and is wheelchair bound but still the strongest lady I know and still keeps our family strong.” – Cindy DiMarino, Club Service Director, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Virginia Peninsula

“Growing up I always thought my mom didn't like dessert because she always let my siblings and I take the last cupcakes, or slice of pie. Much later I realized she did that because she loved us more. Now I do the same with the students I serve and feel my mother’s spirit with me daily.” – Devon Ritchie, Family and Community Engagement Coordinator, Living Classrooms

“My mom was able to juggle work and family time without making it seem like she was sacrificing anything. She taught me how to enrich life with music, the outdoors, food, family, and friends. She also taught me that there are opportunities for growth and laughter through work no matter what your job is. My mom dedicated most of her career to working with at-risk preschool children and their families. I would go to work with her on my days off from school and got to see first-hand how transformative it was for families to learn how they could help prepare their children to be successful in school. She helped inspire me to work with children as well, which I have now been doing for 20 years.” – Laura Batt, Director of STEM Programs, Mystic Aquarium

How has your mom (or someone who was like a mom to you) impacted you as a person and your work with kids and your community?