Annual check-ups for staff and volunteers

Jun 03, 2015

Last week, the CRSF Program Team went for our annual check-up.  No, not those physicals you have to get before going back to school, but our annual training/re-certification in first aid and CPR, as well as our annual background screening. 

While many of our partners run programs year-round, there are often additional staff (or volunteers) who may get hired for summer programming.  While we’re training and screening new staff/volunteers, it’s always a good idea to hit the refresh button for everyone else, too—especially for skills we may not use very often or protocols that may have been updated since the initial training was provided.  Staff manuals are great references, but in the event of an emergency, the last thing you want is to be scrambling through a huge handbook!

Whether you’re getting new team members up to speed or making sure your current team is ready for summer, here is a basic checklist to help you think about what you may need to cover/review:

  • National background check
  • First Aid and CPR training
  • Child Protection training and organizational procedures for handling incidents of child abuse
  • Emergency procedures (e.g. fire, severe weather)
  • Any other population-specific, activity-specific (e.g. water safety), or facility-specific training

Are there any other trainings that your organization does with staff?