Jeanette Mills

Jeannette Mills

With over 30 years of commercial and regulatory experience in the energy and utilities sectors, Jeannette is the Executive Vice President and Chief External Relations Officer at TVA. She leads TVA’s vision and execution for relationships with customers, communities, government officials, stakeholder groups, and regional and national industries. Jeannette manages relationships with the 153 local power companies that distribute TVA energy, as well as its directly served industrial and institutional customers.

Prior to joining TVA, she served as the senior vice president of Safety, Health, Environmental, and Assurance U.S. at National Grid Group, the UK’s largest investor-owned utility, and was a commissioner for the Maryland Public Service Commission, where she regulated various utilities. Jeannette is a tireless advocate for women’s well-being and was recently named to the board of directors of the Women’s Foundation for a Greater Memphis, aligning people with resources and coordinating community-based services through a two-generation approach to poverty reduction.