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The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation collaborates throughout the United States with organizations serving at-risk youth living in America’s distressed communities. We are a supporting partner to those organizations who, on a daily basis, play a critical role in developing, inspiring, and saving young lives. Since 2001, the Foundation has impacted more than 1.6 million kids across the country.

To increase our reach to youth, the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation has formed partnerships with the following organizations.

Rachel’s Challenge

Rachel’s Challenge is a series of student empowering programs and strategies that equip students and adults to combat bullying and allay feelings of isolation and despair by creating a culture of kindness and compassion. The programs are based on the writings and life of 17 year-old Rachel Scott who was the first student killed at Columbine High School in 1999. Rachel left a legacy of reaching out to those who were different, who were picked on by others, or who were new at her school. Shortly before her death she wrote, “I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction of the same. People will never know how far a little kindness can go.”

Coach for America

Their mission is to inform, inspire and initiate individual, communal and societal change that will empower men and women to be their very best – personally, professionally and relationally. Coach for America provides keynotes and training for corporate leaders, coaches, educators, mentors, faith-based organizations, non-profit organizations and government organizations.

Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association

The Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association (MLBPAA) was formed in order to promote the game of baseball, raise money for charity, inspire and educate youth through positive sports images, and protect the dignity of the game through former players. A non-profit organization, the MLBPAA establishes a place where a player’s drive for excellence and achievement on the field can continue long after they take their last steps off the professional diamond.

Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities

Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) is a Major League Baseball youth outreach program designed to increase participation and interest in baseball and softball among underserved youth; encourage academic participation and achievement; increase number of talented athletes prepared to play in college and minor leagues; promote greater inclusion of minorities into the mainstream of the game; and teach the value of teamwork.

Maryland National Guard

The Maryland National Guard (Army National Guard and Air National Guard) is a component of the organized militia of the U.S. State of Maryland. It is headquartered at the Fifth Regiment Armory in Baltimore and has units at armories and other facilities across the state. The Maryland National Guard plays an essential role, partaking as mentors in Foundation events and our overnight summer camp in Maryland.


Playworks is a national nonprofit organization that transforms schools by providing play and physical activity at recess and throughout the school day. Through on-site direct service and trainer-led professional development workshops, Playworks restores valuable teaching time, reduces bullying, increases physical activity and improves the school and learning environment.

The National Association of Police Athletic/Activities Leagues

The National Police Athletic/Activities Leagues, Inc. exists to prevent juvenile crime and violence by providing civic, athletic, recreational and educational opportunities and resources to PAL Chapters. PAL is a youth crime prevention program that uses educational, athletic, and recreational activities to create trust and understanding between police officers and youth. Studies have shown that if a young person respects a police officer on the ball field, gym or classroom, the youth will likely come to respect the laws that police officers enforce.

National PAL is a natural partner for the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation as we join forces and work to help reduce juvenile crime through character education and life skills programming in America’s most distressed communities.

United States Marshals Service

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the U.S. Marshals Service is the nation’s oldest and most versatile federal law enforcement agency. To this day, the Marshals occupy a uniquely central position in the federal justice system. It is the enforcement arm of the federal courts and is involved in virtually every federal law enforcement initiative. Deputy U.S. Marshals play a vital role as mentors across the country through the Badges for Baseball program.

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