Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota in Florida Continuing to Impact Youth!

Mar 15, 2021

The Boys & Girls Clubs (BGC) of Sarasota in Florida has been a partner of the Ripken Foundation since 2014. They partner with the Sarasota Police Department as their primary law enforcement mentors to positively impact local youth through our Badges for Baseball program. Not only do the law enforcement participate as mentors in our program, but also act as chaperones bringing BGC of Sarasota youth to our summer camp in Baltimore. They also have participated in our baseball and softball CRSF Instructional Leagues, teaching youth the fundamentals of the game.

In partnership with the Sarasota Police Department, the BGC of Sarasota created and began the “5-0 Club.” This program was created as a branch of the Badges for Baseball program. The goal is to promote confidence, poise, integrity and character among young adults; to enhance members’ understanding of civility, etiquette and respect; and to create a community bond between youth and the Sarasota Police Department.

Click here to read more about Badges for Baseball program!

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