The Importance of STEM Education

May 28, 2024

In a recent article for, Ripken Foundation Co-Founder Cal Ripken, Jr. spoke about the Ripken STEM Center initiative and the importance of STEM learning. In April, the Ripken Foundation installed our 500th STEM Center, located at Lansdowne Middle School in Halethorpe, MD. To date, we have 537 fully operational, turnkey STEM programs in 24 states, impacting over 227,000 at-risk youth with the help of over 12,000 teachers and & calvin stem

"We discovered a need for STEM Centers and curricula, mostly in elementary and middle schools when kids first discover their interests," said Ripken. "Our Centers are designed for youth organizations and schools to get students interested in STEM through hands-on learning." Featuring fun and educational STEM tools like littleBits' electronic building blocks or the Sphero BOLT, our program provides interactive lessons without the pressure of grades.

"We're thrilled that our programs help develop the next generation of STEM experts and the future of tech workforce. We know the value of students gaining knowledge, skills, and confidence in these fields. We also know that critical thinking skills will shape these students into more productive adults with the integrity to initiate positive change."

Through partnerships with companies like Exelon, Permian Strategic Partnership, Tennesee Valley Authority, we are able to open STEM Center across the country for at-risk youth in underserved communities. "I've always said that we can do a lot of good things on our own, but with dedicated charitable partners, we can achieve great things."